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10 Inspiring Podcast Topics to Spark Your Creativity

It’s time to start building your audience. If I were to start a new podcast today, here are a few creative topics and ideas to 

build your show on. 

  1. Behind the scenes of your industry -Create content showing the ins and outs of working in your field. This will help shed light on what it takes to do what you do. It provides people with insight and a way to work themselves into a field.

  2. Business interviews with founders and CEOs-  This is a great way to network while providing a space for business owners to connect with other audiences. 

  3. Funny How-To videos - Creating this type of content is a great way to showcase your humor and build a connection with your audience while teaching.

  4. Virtual Book Club - Knowledge is power! Why not start reading a book and encourage your audience to read along with you? You can then create a virtual community/ show recommending your favorite books.

  5. Music reaction- If you love music, creating reaction content around popular music releases is a great way to build an audience. If reaction videos aren’t your vibe, you can share your musical expertise in audio and/or video. 

  6. Travel Tips- We are always looking for vacation tips and tricks. Don’t be stingy, share your knowledge about the best vacation spots for families, for singles, on a budget, etc.

  7. Inspiration- There is a lot going on in the world. You can create a show that provides encouragement to your target audience.  

  8. Guided meditation- Peace and love, can be spread via your show. A guided meditation show allowing you to raise vibrations is always a good idea. 

  9. Poetry podcasts- This is a great way to share your art while sharing writing tips for inspiring poets.

  10. A Day In The Life- Build your audience by interviewing everyday people around your neighborhood and network.

There are so many different podcast content ideas you can build your show around. Make sure the idea will speak to your target audience the best. Pick a concept, create the content, and view your analytics to see how your audience responds. Check out our older blog post Do You Want To Be A Podcaster for tips on how to start your podcast.

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