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Best Professional Recording Software Options for Podcasters

Imagine this, you wake up in the morning with a great idea to start your podcast but you have no idea where to start. Off the top of your head, you know you need a microphone and show concept, but you have no idea what software you should use to record. 

If this is you, I have a few options to help you get started. There is recording software available to fit any and every idea you can create. There are options for audio-only and options for audio and video. There are free options and paid options. Read on to discover what software would be a good fit for you. 

Free and Paid

Audacity is relatively easy to use and can be used on different operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and others. With the audio software, you can record and edit your audio recording as needed. You have the standard editing functions such as cutting, copying, and pasting. You are also able to export/import different format audio files. One thing to note is that you cannot record guests remotely on the audio software.  Did I mention the software was free? Audacity is a great beginner option. 


  • Completely free and accessible on all desktops

  • Offers a variety of editing tools


  • Does not offer live call or email support

  • You cannot record guests remotely directly on the software

Anchor is well-known as a podcast hosting platform but there is also an option to record your podcast right on the platform. I really like Anchor because it’s free and you are able to incorporate music from Spotify on your podcast episodes. Although the podcast editor has limited capabilities, you are able to publish video episodes as well. Winning!


  • Easy to use episode builder

  • Completely free and does not require downloading anything

  • Mobile app for podcasting on the go


  • Limited editing tools

  • Can only record segments of up to 30 minutes on Chrome and 5 minutes on Safari. (But you can record an unlimited amount of segments)

If you want to incorporate video into your podcast show is a great platform. With the free option, you are able to record and receive separate tracks for up to 2 hours. There are paid options with more features and if you are looking to play the long game you can start here and upgrade later. The paid plans start at $15 per month. 


  • Reliable high-quality video recordings at up to 4K resolution

  • Streamlined recording and editing on one podcast software

  • Local recording and progressive uploading keep recordings safe from internet issues getting in the way

  • Efficient and friendly technical support


  • Doesn’t offer advanced editing tools

Reaper is an affordable podcast recording and editing software. The software has a bit of a learning curve but it offers many editing features and audio effects. Currently, the software is only available on Mac, Windows, and Linux desktops. Two one-time payment options are starting at $60.


  • Doesn’t record locally so recording quality is vulnerable to your internet connection’s stability

  • Unlimited number of input channels for multitrack recordings

  • Very affordable for what you’re getting


  • A huge learning curve, especially if you’re a beginner

  • A lot of the tools might be unnecessary for what you need

As you can read there are many options to choose from. New software options are being created every day. Once you decide on your show format and what you want to record pick the right software to facilitate your needs and budget.  Happy recording!

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